New City's Position On Same Sex Marriage

New City Church of Plant City welcomes and invites any person to accept the Love and forgiving Grace of Jesus into his or her life by faith, and to develop a walk with God through weekly and daily discipleship studies. 

New City Church of Plant City position on gender is based on the mandates of scripture, God's Holy Word, which we accept in its entirety without exception. Therefore, New City believes God created man and woman, male and female. New City further believes that just as the ethic assignment of the human race is a sacred divinely ordered act of our Heavenly Father and unalterable by a finite being, the gender assignment of man and woman is an equally sacred divinely ordered act of God created by Him without error and must not be altered or function outside God's created intention. 

Because of these faith beliefs of New City Church, no member, Pastor, employee or any other person will conduct a marriage ceremony of any kind in any building owned or leased by New City Church of Plant City or in the name of New City Church of Plant City that does not represent or honor the sacred assignment of God for which our Biblical faith beliefs are ordained, i.e., to include but not limited to same sex marriage or transgender marriage.  

In His Love,

Dr. Maxie Miller, Jr., Lead Pastor